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Mobicon-Remote Electronic Pte Ltd is the Asia headquarter of Mobicon Holdings Ltd to offer our service to electronic manufacturer and components trader in ASIAN countries; Mobicon-Remote also act as the IPO for our Group.

Mobicon-Remote distributes a wide range of products including electronic components, Crystal, Semiconductors, cables, electrical equipments to MNC, local SMI, research & development institutions, dealers in Singapore , Indonesia , India , Malaysia and Thailand .

Our retail operation is a leading component retailer in KL, Malaysia with strong brand recognition, offering the lowest price in selective items with the widest product range and excellent customer service. Apart from operating the retails sales, Mobicon-Remote also sell electronic components to the local factory.

Website: http://www.mobicon.com.sg



Remote Electronic Components Sdn Bhd is a trader and supplier of electronic components and technical support, primarily to small and medium enterprises. The company grew out of Remote Trading Company, founded in 1982 by Mr. Lim Kooi Eam, and was incorporated in Malaysia in 1996.

Mobicon-Remote distributes a wide range of products including electronic components, cables, electrical equipment, soldering tools, computer peripherals and memory modules. The company is an stockist for such well-known brands as Motorola, National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Samsung Semiconductor, Hitachi , Philips, LG Goldstar and others.

Mobicon-Remote 's sales and engineering team, led by Mr. Jasmond Chooi and Mr. Wesley Low, provides technical support to production lines and other equipment in factories (including those of major manufacturers such as Motorola, Sony, Samsung, TDK and others) and Research & Development institutions.

Website: http://www.mobicon.com.my

South Africa

South Africa

Based in South Africa, Mantech Electronics, is an international distributor of electronic and electrical components, tools, consumables, test equipment, and industrial products.

Mantech, established in 1987 by Mr. Manny Moutinho, was incorporated by Mobicon Group Ltd which is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2001. The business operation of Mantech is well developed in South Africa via setting up offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Mantech associates and deals with reputable and well established companies and brands throughout the world. The use of resources is strategically aimed at serving all industrial and non-industrial markets where our products meet customer's demands.

Mantech business strategies, product and service policies are broadly based on the principles of maximum added value for all stakeholders. Sub-distributors and resellers are used as an extension to our sales and distribution strategies.

In 2012, Mantech acquired the business of Suntronika in Johannesburg which further expanded the customer base of Mantech.

Website: http://www.mantech.co.za

2019ĦA Mantech acquired the business of Swan in Midrand which expanded to electric field.

Website: http://www.swan-electrical.co.za

2020ĦA Mantech acquired the electrical wholesale business of Switch Technique KZN .

Website: www.switchtechniquekzn.co.za




Alfa Elektor was founded on the first of May 1986 by Mr Narciso Gomes, who remains at the helm of the business, assisted by Mrs Emilia Marques.

Guimaraes, a town near Braga and Porto, is where Alfa Elektor opened its first store, from where it relocates to Braga in the same year.

In 1992 Mr Gomes changed the incorporation format of the business from sole proprietor to a limited liability company.

In March 1999, Alfa Elektor returns to Guimaraes, into a relatively large store of 220 square meters.

It is in this era that Alfa Elektor reaffirms its values and strategies based on product quality, variety and service excellence.   This, all based on one core believe… That the customer always comes first !

In 2001, Alfa Elektor moves into its newly acquired, large and modern premises, located in Braga’s entrepreneurial centre, as it is called.

2006 triggers a new expansion… The opening of the branch in Lisbon - the capital of Portugal.

Today Alfa Elektor finds itself as a mature company, having endured and survived the many economic challenges of the recent decade.

One of the challenges that remains, is the need for improved communications with customers in the cyber space.   This became one of Alfa Elektors’ more recent and primary objective... To improve its website and e-commerce facilities.

In recent months, Alfa Elektor joined forces with the MOBICON group, where the group took a 51% share. This move is aimed at taking Alfa Elektor into a space, where its vision can be realised… That is, to become a leading and increasingly recognised distributor industrial and consumer electronics.

The MOBICON group, is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. With this new venture, the group aims to also continue with it’s diversification and growth.

Website: https://www.alfaelektor.pt/




To catch up with the market trend in South China , a technology application centre is set up in Shenzhen in 2001. With a team of professional engineers led by Mr. Chung Wong, the centre is specialized in developing solutions for consumer electronic products.

Mobicon Electronic Trading ( ShenZhen) Ltd. , which is a trading hub in China , offers support for further business development in Beijing , Dongguan and even other districts. Through the cooperation of a technical team and a sales team led by Mr. Allix Yeung and Mr. Lawrence Tam respectively, the hub in Shenzhen further enhances Catalogue distribution and sales services of Mobicon in PRD.



Established in March 2006 by Mr. Marcel Cheung, Mobicon-Taiwan Ltd is to offer component and product sources and technical support to the Hong Kong headquarter and other overseas branches.

The IC design and semi-conductor development in Taiwan tends to be in the lead worldwide. With a foundation of experience in developing its electronic business, its wide-spanned customer network, innovative software, mature IC design house and advance technologies in Fabrication foundation enable Taiwan to have a large electronic industry and business opportunity.


Seeing that Taiwan is the market that carries with its fully development potential, Mobicon extended its Asian sales and distribution network with Mobicon-Taiwan Branch . The newly set-up localized base will certainly bring Mobicon with fresh mindsets in business growth.

Website: http://www.mobicon.com.tw