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  Mobicon - HKTDC Access (2022-02-09)  

Meals help open up South African market

Mr. Measure Hung ,Chairman of MOBICON Group, talks about his investment experience

South Africa is the first country to declare that it has passed the peak of the Omicron epidemic, providing investment opportunities for Hong Kong people. MOBICON Group has been actively exploring the South African market as early as 20 years ago. The group recently purchased 130,000 square feet of land in South Africa to build 40,000 square feet of new warehouse,10,000 square feet of office and 60 parking spaces. The entire project is scheduled for completed by December of this year. Why choose South Africa? Mr. Measure Hung , Chairman ofMOBICON Group, recently appeared to share his business experience, which is worth your reference.

According to data from the worldometers website, South Africa's population reached more than 59 million in 2020, more than Taiwan and Malaysia combined. Moreover, the median population is 27.6 years old and enjoys demographic dividends, forming a young consumer market that cannot be ignored. South Africa is a multicultural place, there are so-called South African Europeans and South African Indians, each with their own strengths. My partners are all South African European,while Indians in South Africa are good candidates for CEOs and general managers. The proverb goes: "There are lions but no tigers in South Africa", which means that Hong Kong people are looking for local partners in South Africa to develop their business together.

Hong Kong people are hospitable and like to invite friends to dinner. The HK food culture used in South Africa helps to build a better relationship with local partners and management. There is a saying that goes: "There are lions but no tigers in South Africa". Local affairs in South Africa can not be learned through the Internet alone. Local partners are needed to develop their business together. In this regard, the HK food culture is very useful. With a good partner, you can also take advantage of Hong Kong's international financial financing advantages. Hong Kong has been in a low interest rate environment for a long time, and the cost of local borrowing in South Africa is very high. The advantages of Hong Kong's financial status make it very suitable to invest locally and earn high returns.

 by Alan Yeung
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